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Partnering for Better Business

As a Badger Holdings partner you have access to a range of resources and experts to help grow your business and attain even greater success. These include:

Finance: A top financial team boasting several Chartered Accountants, tax experts and team of book keepers with extensive experience in accounting, auditing and tax issues.

Actuarial: Provided that there is great enough demand we can create custom products that suite our partners’ businesses and position our partners to enter new niches they may have identified.

Marketing: A highly experienced marketing team that produce world class designs and branding for numerous companies, from letterheads, to billboards and everything in between.

Legal and Compliance: An expert legal team that specialises in insurance and related matters. They provide advice, draft agreements and resolve disputes efficiently and professionally.

Information Technology: A widely competent IT team that manages technology challenges for small, medium and large businesses.

Administration: A large call centre, with expertly trained consultants and support team to handle any administration needs you may have including premium collection, policy fulfillment and reporting.

Panel of Insurers: Access to a panel of insurers and various value added products to broaden offering, appeal and value for clients.

Are you looking to take your broker business to the next level? We can help! Why not get in touch with us today to discuss the opportunities available as a Badger Holdings partner? Together we can achieve success in this challenging but exciting industry.