Badger Holdings

Purchasing Broker Businesses

Acquisition of Insurance Books and Businesses

We are always looking to acquire great businesses and bring them into the Badger portfolio, so when brokers approach us to buy their business, we welcome the opportunity to investigate either buying out the book of policies or the entire business.

Selling your book of business to Badger Holdings
As a successful insurance broker, you may want to sell your book of business for any number of reasons. Badger Holdings is the perfect company to approach to buy your book of business as we have extensive experience with the procurement process and we will work with you to streamline the process. It is a relatively quick and pain-free process and we can normally have this wrapped up within 2 to 3 months, depending on who the underwriters are.

Selling your insurance business or brokerage to Badger Holdings
Buying a business is a slightly more complicated process, but one we are happy to undertake when we believe your business will be a good fit for the Badger Group. As with any business transaction of this nature, we will undertake due diligence to determine the company’s strategy, operations as well as current and potential financial situation before making a decision about acquiring the business.

If you are looking to sell your book of business or your insurance brokerage, do not hesitate to get in touch with us today to discuss the options available. We are always keen to explore acquisition prospects.