Badger Holdings


Reliable Solutions for Insurance Brokers

With extensive experience in short-term motor insurance, we are perfectly positioned to assess your business for acquisition and will undertake due diligence with any business we deem to be a good fit for the Badger portfolio.


The insurance industry is a uniquely challenging one. As a small to medium broker business, it is a tremendous task to compete with the ‘big names’ out there. We aim to ‘level the playing field’ by partnering with you to identify areas of potential improvement in your business and provide you with the expertise and resources to resolve the issues and maximise business with streamlined solutions.

Successful brokers are successful for a reason. They are able to spot opportunities in the market and make them work! So if you have found a new venture you wish to pursue we offer a Purchasing solution where we will evaluate the opportunity of buying your book of business or acquiring your company.